Downsizing tips to upsize your life at Fairway

Read our tips designed to make your journey smooth and easy.

Ready to downsize and declutter your life for retirement but packing up all of your memories and processions seems like an overwhelming task?  

We’re taking the stress out of your downsizing journey, providing our top tips to make your transition to retirement at Fairway Carindale as smooth as possible. 


Start early and plan ahead 

Planning and early preparation are key to ensuring the downsizing journey is as easy as possible. Create a calendar and set dates on when you will start the packing process. Define what goals you would like to achieve each day and reach out and ask for help, whether that be friends, family or neighbours.  

Luckily for those planning ahead, Fairway Carindale’s first stage is currently under construction and has a few apartments remaining for sale, meaning you have time to get organised before move-in day.  


Emotional ties 

You’ve made the decision to enjoy your golden years at Fairway Carindale. But what’s next?! What is the process to follow to pack up and sell your existing home and plan for your retirement years.  

Decluttering your life and packing up your home for sale can be an emotional time, and bring back memories of family and loved ones. It can take courage to simplify your life, but it’s important to remember to keep the memories and not the clutter. As you sort through items in the home, separate the possessions from most important to least. It might also be a great opportunity to donate things to those in need, or pass on some sentimental items to family and grandchildren. A great way to organise what you will keep and what will go to a new home is to create four separate piles: 

  • Keep 
  • Give to family 
  • Donate 
  • Discard 


Familiarise yourself with Fairway before moving in 

This is an exciting time in your life, enjoyed by many for new opportunities to redefine your lifestyle and make new friendships. It can be daunting to leave your old neighbourhood for a new one. A great way to feel at home is to visit the area before your move in date. This will ensure you are familiar with all the amenities and facilities as well as a great chance to see where you can catch up with new-found friends for coffee. We’ve already had future residents take regular trips to Fairway to see the construction process before their very eyes, enjoy leisurely walks around the nearby open green space and explore the entertainment close by. This is a great way to build excitement and prepare you for the move. 


Bring in the professionals 

A great way to lighten your downsizing load is to enlist the help of downsizing specialists and removalists that can simplify the packing process and also find the best ways to make the most of your new living spaces. You’ll feel the weight lifted from your shoulders, so that you can save your energy to focus on the new life you will be creating at Fairway. 

If you’re looking for a recommendation – our teams know some great local businesses to help with your move.  


Have fun! 

The downsizing journey is a chance to celebrate an exciting new chapter in your life and although you may be saying goodbye to your family home, you’re opening the door to an exciting new life, where the opportunities for an independent, active and fulfilling life are endless. 

Fairway Carindale will occupy 1.5 hectares within the 53 hectares of green open space owned by the golf club and brings a new level of premium, lifestyle-led retirement living to the region.   

Once complete Fairway Carindale will feature a total of 191 luxury one, two and three-bedroom apartments, including the opulent Penthouse Collection, with expansive views across the golf course or surrounding green spaces.   


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