Future Fairway resident Helen Panaretos standing on a lit balcony with an olive tree next to her.

The Faces of Reside: Meet Helen Panaretos

Fairway Carindale brings a family together after a chance encounter.

From the Western Plains to the Southeast of Brisbane, Helen has packed her bags after 58 years in Dubbo and she’s excited to make the move to Fairway next year.

After a chance encounter while driving past the Fairway construction site, her daughter, Maria, spotted the up-and-coming community for her mother.

“I drove passed Fairway at Carindale one day and saw the sign and thought how great it would be if Mum lived close to us.  We planted the seed in Mum’s ear, had a little chat with Geoff Henderson [Fairway Sales Manager] and from that point to now, I can’t believe Mum will be moving in next year,” said Maria.

After selling the family home in May, Helen moved interstate to Carindale in September to be closer to her daughter and family in Brisbane.

“Brisbane will be an easier destination for both my sons, James from Sydney and Manuel from overseas to travel to, and family get-togethers will be much easier and more frequent,” said Helen.

Location and convenience played a large part in the decision to choose Fairway.

With facilities including doctors, hospitals and shopping centres all close-by, Helen is ready to start the next chapter of her life in retirement after losing her husband almost three years ago.

Fairway offers more than Helen anticipated in a local community, wonderful facilities for retirees and the advantage of living on a golf course.

“I’ll no longer have the burden of looking after a large home with a large garden (although a gardening club will be available should I wish to participate),” said Helen.

“I’ll even be able to change a light bulb with just one phone call.”

“I will definitely miss Dubbo, but very happy to be so close to my family in Brisbane,” she said.

Helen Panaretos and her family of four in a restaurant.
L to R: Helen’s son James, Future resident Helen, late husband Tony, daughter Maria and youngest son Manuel.





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